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To get lists of bank repossessed house in South Africa you would either have to go into your nearest ABSA, FNB, Nedbank or Standard Bank branch and enquire, or you can look the information up online.

Buying homes that have come off repossession or a foreclosed deal means that you will get them at a good price. Visiting a repo auction means that you are looking for a property, whether a specific one or not, you are likely to find something suitable.

These popular banks normally hold auctions like this quite often so keep in touch with them and find out where and when you can attend the next auction.

Once you find the lists of bank repossessed houses in South Africa, you should look at each of them carefully and decide which of them you can make it to. Of course if you attend one of the repossession auctions and find what you are looking for then you don’t have to attend any of the others, unless you are interested in purchasing more than one of the homes.

Visit a Standard Bank branch if you have one near to where you live, otherwise go to an ABSA, FNB or Nedbank branch for the information.

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