Home Loans

The major retail banks which include ABSA, Standard Bank, FNB and Nedbank all offer 100% or no deposit bonds, within certain ceiling limits.

ABSA, Standard Bank and Nedbank would consider financing a full 100% home loan up to a maximum property price of R1.5 million. This means any property that is priced higher than R1.5 million is considered for a 90% Loan Ratio, where a 10% deposit would be required. While, FNB would consider a 100% bond facility for property prices of up to R2 million…

As a first time buyer looking to secure a bond for your new property, the first questions you may ask might be:
How much can I qualify for?
How can I ensure that I’ll get a best deal on my home loan ?

In recent months the major South African banks have each reintroduced 100% Home Loans, and some are even willing to offer up to 110%! The lending or qualifying criteria for these loans do vary a bit. For instance…